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The Group was founded in 1953 and started as an industrial group being concentrated on synthetic textiles. Through years Mr. Hikmat Hadi Kubba (the departed) devoted intensive efforts to his group and thus the Hikmat Hadi Kubba & Sons Group of Companies managed to establish a strong and successful business link worldwide.

General Information

By establishing strong bounds with the outside world Mr. Hikmat Hadi Kubba (the departed) expanded his group thus participating in different sectors of Iraq’s economy.  He devoted his group to both serving the Iraqi people and cooperating with foreign institutes and companies to flourish the Iraqi economy.
As we understand that the future indicates a huge industrial sector in Iraq our objective is to share projects’ investments with foreign investors. For this reason we are deeply studying and verifying those investing sectors and we are seeking to expand our projects to meet the need. For that we have recruited excellent staff of engineers, technicians as well as administrative staff. The number of employees in different sites is approximately 3000.
We serve the Iraq’s economy & infrastructure the best