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The company is doing the following activities:
  • Studying the offers and present the tenders to the authorized sides
  • Making partner relationships with the Iraqi and Arabic and foreign companies by presenting tenders offers to import different materials and experts. Our company is ready to sign contracts with different companies that are working in executing contracting projects
  • The company is entering in the tenders and auctions with different sectors and signing contracts, and it is committed to execute these projects alone or by participating with other sides or sub-contractors
  • Opening the necessary warehouses and offices and building factories to produce what the company need in its work
  • Buy and own and use what the company needs from the patents and trading marks that are related to the company
  • Importing the machines and equipments and raw materials and buy them from inside and outside Iraq in order to raise the company’s quality level
  • The financial and technical situation of the company has deep origins represented by the abilities of Hikmat Kubba & sons group of companies in addition to the long experiences which is about half century in the economical, financial, trading and industrial fields

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