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The company has special equipments and machines in the production of table eggs, and all these machines are from well-known origins and Germany made. The company has many production lines, they are:
  1. Breeding livestock
  2. Production of the table eggs
  3. Production of the hatching eggs
  4. Production of the meat chicken
  5. Production of the fodder
  6. Production of the organic fertilizer
The company is taking benefit from the open areas to produce fodders by growing wheat and yellow corn and malt. All our products are submitted to the quality control certification in Iraq. Our company got evaluation awards and certifications from the ministry of agriculture and the local and international fairs. The company also intends to open new trading centers and agencies inside and outside Iraq.
  • Fledglings breeding
  • Production of table eggs
  • Breeding eggs production
  • Chicken meat production
  • Fodders production
  • Organic fertilizer production
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