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Al-Khaima for general trading company is practicing all the commercial works and importing and exporting business for all the legally allowed goods according to the trading laws, the company is practicing the following:

  • Practicing all the trading works like importing and exporting and signing contracts according to the laws.
  • Doing the formalities of buying, hiring, and rent the transferred money such as machines, equipments, tools, and cars to achieve.
  • The company is importing and exporting all the legally allowed goods according to the trading laws that are published from the Iraqi central bank and Ministry of trade and all the establishments and companies that are related to.
  • The company is insuring the money and materials and offices that are related to it.
  • The company is constructing and owning the necessary warehouses for storing its goods and materials.
  • Doing all the financial formalities like opening accounts, arranging and drawing and endorsing all checks documents, trading papers, and draft orders
  • Entering in different kinds of contracts and governmental tenders and auctions and contracting, and tenders with public and private and mixed sectors and different establishments.
  • The company has Iraqi experts and professionals who are specialized in this field in order to achieve the companys aims.