For Soft Drinks & Healty water
Alwataniya Company has four production lines, they are:
  • Production line for produce Pepsi cola and Miranda and 7-up, with a concession from international Pepsi Cola Company, and our company is considered the first company that got this concession in Iraq (for the southern area). It is producing 750 boxes per hour for the cans of 0,330 sizes.
  • Production line for canning the glass bottles with 0,250 liter and 2,250 liter of size.
  • Production line for the big refills with 1, 5 liter and 2,250 liters of sizes.
  • Production line for producing CO2 with 500 kilograms per hour of capacity, and it is Denmark made.
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Pepsi Cola Plant for Soft Drinks & Healthy Water is specialized in producing Pepsi Cola, licensed by Pepsi Cola Co. International, and mineral water
empty The professional staff of the company is about 170 employees, in addition to the serving and transporting workers and the administrative, financial and marketing employees. Our company is submitted to the quality control certification in Iraq within the international standards.
Our company got evaluation awards and certifications from the Iraqi industries union and the local and international fairs.
The company has futuristic plans to build new production lines and marketing centers in the southern area of Iraq.
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